Lee Franks, Retired Reinsurance Executive  
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where to buy liv 52 During my career with a leading reinsurance company, I handled the underwriting of Workers’ Compensation programs. To do this job properly, it was both art and science. The science was predicting the future, but the art was gauging the quality of an employer and what the employer was doing to become the best employer for the employee.

There is no question in looking at the Tennessee results that there is so much room for improvement. With programs like CWCE, the nation’s overall results can improve. The crisis in Workers’ Compensation is the lack of education. Focus on educating the employer and the employee and the results will improve. I endorse the program and recommend this program for all employers and underwriters.

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Doug Whitaker, Tennessee Employer  
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Through the Certified Workers Compensation Executive program we learned that we had mistakenly been overcharged on our Workers’ Compensation premiums significantly. The savings we found from the course curriculum will pay for the entire CWCE course for a lifetime. We highly recommend this course for any business that wants the best insurance program.

Orlandi Laboratories    Chattanooga, Tennessee   
Thad Hunt, General Contractor  
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As a contractor, I have systemized everything – a system to construct buildings, a system for attracting customers, and a system to manage my risk. What I like about what the CWCE system is the program teaches a step-by-step system to keep employees safe, how to create a pre-hire and post-hire program as well as a pre-injury and post-injury management program. Unfortunately, all of these do not come natural for any business owner, regardless of the industry. I recommend you start your training today from one of the leaders in the field. Take it from me, as a 25 plus year customer of Derek (and his first customer I might add), he has systemized what goes into Workers Comp.

Randy Tutton, Commercial Painting Contractor  
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Workers’ Compensation is a large necessary expense for my commercial painting business. Anytime one of my employees has an injury it affects my Experience Modification, making my overhead go up. I have discovered that through very specific processes taught in the CWCE program, we have controlled our cost of premium for years to come.

The program helped all of us by controlling costs, making us more competitive in the market which allows all of our employees to earn more money! The program is a win-win-win; a win for my employees, a win for my insurance company and a win for my business. This program is the missing piece to Tennessee Workers’ Compensation.

Southeast Painters, Inc.    Chattanooga, Tennessee